Greens comment on Murphy election

Scottish Green Co-Conveners Maggie Chapman & Patrick Harvie have today congratulated Jim Murphy & Kezia Dugdale on their election to the leadership of the Scottish Labour Party and invited Labour members to join the Greens following the result.

With Jim Murphy’s record as a staunch defender of the Iraq War, privatisation of public services and deep cuts to social security many Labour members and supporters will now be seeking a new political home, following many who have already done so. One in ten Scottish Green Party members is an ex-Labour Party member.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

"I congratulate Jim Murphy and Kezia Dugdale on their election. Neil and Sarah are also due great credit for offering Scottish Labour some more radical options.

By electing Jim Murphy though, Scottish Labour have made a choice that confirms them as a pro-Trident, pro-austerity party, still Blairite so long after Blair, and this will dismay many. I find it hard to see how that agenda can connect with Scotland's newly politicised voters."

Green Co-Convener Maggie Chapman said:

“I know many Labour members who won’t feel comfortable with Jim Murphy as their leader. Those Labour members agree with me and other Greens that we need to protect social security and that welfare, that public services are best in public hands. Many Labour members are uncomfortable with warmongering. They don’t want millions to be wasted on Trident replacement.

I’d be delighted to welcome any of those members and supporters who want to join a party that is committed to public services, to defending the welfare safety net and to so very many of the values Labour used to stand for.”