Thu 10 Jun, 2021

Scottish Greens health and social care spokesperson Gillian Mackay MSP has called on the Scottish Government to address concerns that many trans people are waiting years to access gender identity services.

Speaking at First Minister’s Questions today Ms Mackay called for a clear commitment that the Scottish Government would take the steps needed to address the challenges currently facing trans healthcare.

Gillian Mackay said:

“I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Pride but we should always remember that Pride started as a protest.

“We have witnessed attacks on organisations such as Stonewall in recent weeks with some particularly wild and untrue allegations. It shows just how far we have to go to make Scotland a truly equal society.  Attacks like these cause great emotional pain and have to stop.

“Trans people are our friends, colleagues and family and they deserve to be able to express their identity in peace.

“Will the First Minister stand with me to support trans people and agree that the current situation many trans people face when trying to access gender identity services is unacceptable, including typical waiting times of years for a first appointment, and will she give a clear commitment today that the Scottish Government will take the steps needed, including through providing funding and redesigning these services, to make sure a person-centred, multi-disciplinary approach is used going forward in providing healthcare for trans people in Scotland?”

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The Scottish Greens have urged 18-29 year-olds in Scotland to register for the coronavirus vaccine, after NHS Scotland launched an online self-referral service.

The scheme will be vital for young people such as students who do not have regular access to a GP.

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The Scottish Greens have revealed their spokespeople that will cover the various government portfolios.

Co-leader Patrick Harvie will continue to speak on finance and constitutional issues, while fellow co-leader Lorna Slater will lead on the two issues central the Scottish Greens election campaign, economic recovery from the pandemic and a green industrial strategy to lower Scotland’s carbon emissions.

The full spokespeople list is as follows:

Patrick Harvie: Scottish Greens spokesperson for Finance and Constitution