Thu 20 May, 2021

The Scottish Greens today called on the Scottish Government to extend the current eviction ban for as long as coronavirus restrictions remain in place.

Asking an urgent question in parliament, Highlands and Islands MSP Ariane Burgess called for the temporary eviction ban to be extend for as long as restrictions remain.

The new MSP also called for government to work collaboratively to deliver a better deal for Scotland’s renters.

Ariane Burgess said:

“I’m proud that Green MSPs worked with the government to deliver an eviction ban over the winter months. This has provided a lifeline for many throughout the pandemic.

“This week we’ve seen many areas move to level two, which is welcome, but the impact of the pandemic doesn’t disappear and now struggling families may face eviction.

“We are still in a public health emergency. Evicting vulnerable people who have been unable to work or earn during the pandemic is deeply unfair. As a minimum we need to keep the eviction ban in place for as long as restrictions remain.

“The sad reality is that Scotland is decades behind our European neighbours when it comes to tenants’ rights, and the pandemic has shone a light on many of the challenges faced by renters.

“The introduction of a winter eviction ban was a great step forward and one that I’d urge the government to make permanent. But we can do so much more like introducing rent controls and establishing a private rented sector regulator.”

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Right to food secured in Greens cooperation deal

Thu 2 Sep, 2021

The right to food will be enshrined in Scots law following the agreement between the Scottish Greens and Scottish Government.

Progress on the long-delayed Good Food Nation Bill forms part of the cooperation deal, which will also boost local food producers through procurement contracts. The right to food will also be reflected in a new Human Rights Bill.

Scottish Greens comment on proposed HIAL strike action

Thu 15 Jul, 2021

Responding to reports that HIAL air traffic controllers are to strike later this month, Scottish Greens Highlands and Islands MSP Ariane Burgess said:

“HIAL’s air traffic controllers play a vital role in allowing lifeline flights to service remote, rural and island communities throughout the Highlands and Islands.

“The unique role performed by these skilled workers hasn’t always been appreciated by Ministers in Edinburgh or officials sitting round a boardroom in Inverness. That needs to change.

Scottish Greens unveil spokespeople

Fri 21 May, 2021

The Scottish Greens have revealed their spokespeople that will cover the various government portfolios.

Co-leader Patrick Harvie will continue to speak on finance and constitutional issues, while fellow co-leader Lorna Slater will lead on the two issues central the Scottish Greens election campaign, economic recovery from the pandemic and a green industrial strategy to lower Scotland’s carbon emissions.

The full spokespeople list is as follows:

Patrick Harvie: Scottish Greens spokesperson for Finance and Constitution