Greens bring added value to small business debate

For immediate release 12 April 2011

Patrick Harvie, co-convenor of the Scottish Greens, joined the leaders of the other main Scottish political parties tonight at a public hustings organised by the Federation of Small Businesses in Edinburgh.

Patrick Harvie said:

"I was delighted to be invited to tonight's hustings by the Federation of Small Businesses. Having seen the tone of the interactions between Annabel Goldie, Iain Gray, Alex Salmond and Tavish Scott in recent weeks, I felt that there was a markedly more constructive discussion tonight, something that has been long overdue and especially important given the challenges facing Scotland's small businesses in very difficult economic times.

"As I was keen to get across tonight, small businesses have a huge role to play in our economy as we seek to get Scotland on to a sustainable economic path. The economic model that has prioritised multinationals and long supply chains has hit a huge barrier, and with ever-dwindling oil supplies this model is dying. Thriving small businesses at the heart of and driven by our communities must be the way ahead. The renewable energy sector is just one prime example of this, but it also means jobs in construction, housing, and a host of other industries. Scottish Greens will be making the case at this election for the creative and job-boosting potential of the small business sector in Scotland to flourish."