As the Scottish Trades Union annual congress gets underway today (Mon 20 April) Scottish Greens are highlighting their manifesto pledges to improve workers' rights and oppose the TTIP trade deal that threatens jobs and wages.

The Scottish Greens, who are standing in the majority of Scotland's 59 seats, are pledging a £10 minimum wage for all ages by 2020, publicly-owned railways, opposition to TTIP, and more powers for Scotland and local communities.

The party manifesto calls for anti-trade union laws to be rolled back, employee participation on company boards, the right for employees to buy out their company, and for an end to zero hours contracts.

Membership of the Scottish Greens has surged to almost 9,000. One in ten members is ex-Labour.

Scottish Green Party co-convener Councillor Maggie Chapman said:

"In too many workplaces we see pay inequality and poor treatment of employees. Employees should be directly involved in the direction of their business to improve its performance and should have the legal right to buy out the company if necessary.

"We need to roll back anti-trade union laws so workers can demonstrate support for protesting colleagues without fear of being penalised. And we need to see strong opposition to the TTIP trade deal between the EU and the US which threatens to drive down wages and slash jobs. Scottish Greens already work closely with the trade unions and we look forward to building on those relationships."


Scottish Greens 2015 manifesto and candidates