Greens back TUC march against Tory cuts

For immediate release 26 March 2011

The Scottish Greens today sent a message of support to those taking part in the TUC's march against cuts in London.

Patrick Harvie, who today attended a smaller event organised by the STUC in Glasgow, said:

"Today's vast march will be the clearest public demonstration of opposition yet to the Tories' economically counterproductive cuts strategy. Some of those on the march will be trade unionists facing redundancy despite knowing how essential their work is to their community. Some will be dreading the closure of the services they rely on. Others will be there today because they know that cutting investment during a downturn will bring long term economic misery. Whatever their reason, the Scottish Greens are backing the marchers and their objectives. This is the true Big Society, and it is in direct opposition to the Coalition's agenda.

"We have another problem at Westminster, though: Labour's failure to stand up to the Conservatives and provide anything like a coherent alternative. They want to look like they're against the cuts to public services, but they refuse to be brave enough to back necessary measures, like raising fairer taxes on those who can afford to pay and on speculation in the City, ending the market takeover of public services, clamping down on the corporate tax loopholes they ignored in office, and providing a sustainable basis for public services. The marchers and the TUC should make this point in no uncertain terms to Ed Miliband when he speaks today."