Greens £1.8bn buildings pledge crucial as gas prices surge

Scottish Greens in government are accelerating plans to make homes across Scotland more efficient

Plans to invest at least £1.8bn in net zero buildings in Scotland are set to be approved today at a time when gas prices are surging, threatening to push many more families across Scotland fuel poverty. A quarter of households in Scotland are already considered to be in fuel poverty.

The Scottish Government debate on a net zero Scotland comes as Charity Energy Action Scotland has warned that ‘skyrocketing’ gas prices will lead to more families being forced to choose between heating and eating this winter.

Scottish Greens have said that as well as the need to tackle the immediate problem, the issue shows that the need to lower Scotland’s climate emissions goes hand in hand with tackling fuel poverty.

The motion calls for parliament to recognise that plans to decarbonise homes, buildings, energy, industry and transport in the cooperation deal which brought Greens into government are essential “to tackle the escalating climate and nature emergencies and deliver a just transition for all”.

Speaking ahead of the debate, Scottish Greens climate and energy spokesperson Mark Ruskell said: “The surge in gas prices is a real concern to so many people who rely on fossil fuels to heat their homes, and yet again demonstrates why we must end our dependency on volatile, unreliable and climate-destroying fossil fuels.

"That’s why the Scottish Greens in government are accelerating plans to make homes across Scotland more efficient and to switch from fossil fuels to renewable alternatives like heat pumps. To support this, we will invest at least £1.8bn over the next five years.

“It has been galling to see Boris Johnson preach climate responsibility on the world stage while at home his government is doing nothing to decarbonise heating and transport. Indeed, the UK Government is investing in aviation, new major roads and even opening new oil and gas reserves like at the Cambo oil field. We don’t have time for this kind of reckless approach which is why, with Greens in government, Scotland will take a different path.”

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