Greenhouse gas statistics underline need for transformative climate action

We need bold and transformative climate action to reduce emissions.

The publication of Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions for 2021 underlines the importance of transformative climate action, say the Scottish Greens. 

The statistics, published today, underline why the Scottish Greens entered government, according to the Party’s climate spokesperson Mark Ruskell MSP.

Mr Ruskell said:

“These statistics are not good enough. They underline the scale of the challenge that we face, and are exactly why the Scottish Greens went into government in the first place.

“Today’s stats reflect yesterday’s choices - sometimes choices made decades ago. So it tells us that tackling the climate emergency won’t be achieved by business as usual but. It will need concerted effort and the kind of long term changes that we are putting in place now. 

“In less than two years in government we have started to shift the dial. Whether it is the vital new standards we are introducing for heating, the record investment we have delivered for walking, wheeling and cycling infrastructure, free bus travel for everyone under 22 or the Circular Economy Bill that will transform our relationship with waste.

“The decisions we make today will have an impact for years to come. So we need to get them right. That means decarbonising our economy by investing in renewables and ensuring a just transition away from oil and gas.

“But at every step of the way we face massive resistance from opposition parties who seem to think that the climate emergency can be tackled through wishful thinking. 

"They have all supported the targets to reduce emissions but have opposed and attacked the very policies needed to deliver them: from reducing city centre traffic through low emission zones through tackling litter via the Deposit Return Scheme that has been sabotaged by Westminster.

“In November we will publish the draft Climate Plan. Today’s figures underline the challenge it has to rise to. In the meantime, the detailed proposals we are producing for greener, warmer buildings and reducing car use will be important tests of ambition.”