The Scottish Green Party’s Green Yes campaign is strongly welcoming A Just Scotland, a detailed report by the STUC, which calls for both sides in the independence debate to focus more on workers' rights, inequality and rebalancing of the economy.

The report says the attempt by the UK's main political parties to rule out a currency union is unhelpful but it also calls for the Scottish Government to explore the alternatives, something that Green MSP Patrick Harvie has been urging for many months.

The report also criticises those who support the status quo for appearing complacent about the chronic levels of inequality in society, a point that Green MSP Alison Johnstone made to Treasury minister Danny Alexander yesterday.

Patrick Harvie said:

"The STUC is right to emphasise the need for political reform and support for workers. I firmly believe we can achieve those reforms and provide that support by taking responsibility with a Yes vote.

"This report is a vital contribution to the debate. It underlines the widespread desire to scrap nuclear weapons, adopt a more humane approach to welfare, and a positive attitude to human rights and immigration. It is unlikely in the extreme that these can be achieved with a No vote.

"The Green Yes campaign is already using the independence debate to pursue the issues that matter to trades union members. We agree with the need for diversification from the defence manufacturing sector and we've highlighted ideas such as Citizens Income to renew the values of the welfare state.

"Like the STUC we are strongly opposed to a race to the bottom on corporation tax. We also share the desire to tackle local government funding and reform the banking sector, and have already published well-researched proposals covering these areas. We are determined that this historic debate should be about what kind of country we want to live in."


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