The Scottish Green Party today (15 Nov) launched its own distinct campaign for a Yes vote in next year's referendum with the message that a better Scotland is possible.

Speaking at the launch were leading Scottish Greens including Alison Johnstone MSP, singer-songwriter Karine Polwart, MEP candidate Maggie Chapman and former BBC environment correspondent Louise Batchelor.

Key points outlined by the Greens included:

- As the UK’s politics tack ever harder to the right, it seems increasingly hard to imagine any Westminster government being formed which embodies the values Scotland needs, and deserves.
- Scotland’s political culture is ready for the challenges ahead, given its track record in keeping the NHS whole and in public hands and maintaining the principle of free education.
- The SNP Government’s white paper is the starting point for the transition to new powers.
- But the SNP Government must recognise that as yet they have no mandate for their policies in reserved areas. From NATO membership to the level of Corporation Tax, they should not lock Scotland in to their preferred policies, unless the Scottish people give them a mandate to do so in 2016.
- In the event of a Yes vote the development of a written constitution should be led by a new constitutional convention, to be established before the end of 2014, with political parties involved but not in sole charge.
- In the event of a Yes vote we should explore the possibility of expanding the role of local government.
- We remain clearly of the view that Scotland will only be able to exercise full economic independence if we stand ready to develop our own currency.

Patrick Harvie MSP, Co-convener of the Scottish Greens, said:

"The debate which Scotland has embarked upon is about far more than whether decisions should be made at Westminster or Holyrood. We have the opportunity to ask ourselves what kind of country we want to live in, what kind of society we want to build and what kind of economy we want to run.

"Scotland has the opportunity to take control of its future and build a political culture that’s capable of change. Scottish Greens will reach out to undecided voters and make the case for choosing a better future."

Download the Green Yes document here.