With just six months until the referendum on Scottish independence, the Scottish Green Party's Green Yes campaign is urging Scots to seize the opportunity to build a more equal and democratic Scotland.

Patrick Harvie MSP, Co-convener of the Scottish Greens, said:

"With six months to go we're undeniably in the midst of one of the most exciting, creative periods in Scottish political history. We're seeing all parties examining what they're for, and a huge range of civic bodies from the STUC to the Church of Scotland coming up with bold ideas for a better Scotland.

"I urge those who are as yet undecided to seize the opportunity to challenge both sides in this debate, and consider whether a Yes or a No gives the best chance of transforming Scotland into the more equal, more sustainable and more democratic society we're capable of becoming.

"Green Yes campaigners are reaching out to communities across Scotland. For us a Yes vote gives the best chance of achieving the kind of Scotland where wealth is more fairly shared, where nuclear weapons have no place, and where communities have real power.

"By contrast a No vote is certain to leave us locked into austerity, corporate control, Trident and military aggression. Yes opens up the possibilities for Scotland's future, while No closes them down. Let's not wake up in another few years and regret the opportunity we missed."