With 100 days of campaigning left until the referendum, the Green Yes campaign is calling on Green-minded Scots to inspire undecided voters with their vision of a fairer and more sustainable Scotland.

In recent months the campaign has published a series of briefings on the Greens' vision for independence, on topics such as a fairer economy, digital rights, local democracy and banking. A new briefing will be published shortly on the Greens' plan for a citizen's income.

Since the Green Yes launch last November, over 150,000 campaign leaflets have been distributed, as well as thousands of badges, bags and t-shirts. Green Party members are widely involved in local campaigning and have spoken at a huge number of Yes events.

Alison Johnstone, Green MSP said:

“The Scottish Greens will be using the final 100 days to reach out to everyone concerned about a fairer and greener future, making the case that Scotland can achieve far more with a Yes vote. We know though that not all of our supporters are convinced about independence yet, and many are rightly just as critical of the SNP as they are of the parties campaigning for a No vote. This isn’t a choice between utopia and disaster, it’s simply a chance to take responsibility for ourselves. We believe it’s an opportunity we can’t afford to miss.”