Green MSP Welcomes Rail Improvement Proposal

Green MSP for the West of Scotland and local resident Ross Greer has welcomed an announcement that the Scottish Government are exploring the possibility of re-dualling a section of the rail line to Milngavie. The line is the worst in Scotland for late and cancelled trains, which Ross has raised repeatedly with the Scottish Government in recent months.

In answer to a parliamentary question this week, Minister for Transport and the Islands promised to explore the idea. A section of the line has been single-track since 1990, when an unsuccessful local campaign warned that the change would lead to delays. 

Greer said “I’m delighted that the minister has finally noticed the frustration local residents feel at such a poor service. Something needs to change and re-dualling the line is an excellent proposal, which would reduce the number of delayed and cancelled trains, as well as station-skipping.”

“Residents tell me that since the Thatcher government decided to introduce one-track sections in the 1980s, delays became increasingly common. In recent years it has certainly become worse. It’s time to reverse that poor decision and give our community a reliable and punctual service.”