Green MSP raises Brexit concerns with First Minister

The Scottish Greens’ external affairs spokesperson today sought clarification from the First Minister on the funding status of EU students at Scottish universities, an issue noted as a serious concern at this morning’s meeting of the Education & Skills committee.

At the First Minister’s update on Scotland's Place in Europe, Ross Greer MSP also asked what the government is doing to allay the fears of Japanese businesses who are considering relocating from the UK after an open letter from the Japanese government outlined the country’s Brexit concerns. Following this he has written to the First Minister, encouraging her to respond to the Japanese Prime Minister to assure him that Scotland is committed to a European and international future.

West of Scotland MSP, Ross Greer said:

“After hearing serious concerns from expert witnesses at the Education and Skills committee I have asked the First Minister when she plans to clarify the funding status of EU students studying at Scottish universities in 2017/18. The Scottish Government must ensure that our world-class universities will not lose out on talented students.

“I also asked her about the unprecedented open letter sent by the Japanese government to the UK which reads as a sobering reminder that the Westminster government and Leave campaign recklessly failed to create a post-Brexit roadmap, in spite of continuous warnings from our international trading partners. Scotland has the opportunity to provide a meaningful response where Westminster has failed.

“The post-Brexit landscape is clearly a mess not of our making and the Scottish Greens will continue to press the Scottish Government to ensure Scotland maintains and enhances its links with Europe and the rest of the world.”