Wed 20 Dec, 2017

...while there’s currently a ban on councils incinerating materials that could be recycled, they are given some flexibility if the materials are not able to be recycled. Mark Ruskell MSP

There is a glaring omission in Scotland’s Energy Strategy says a Green MSP, who questioned ministers at Holyrood today as to why waste incineration does not feature in the document.

Mark Ruskell MSP, the Scottish Greens’ energy spokesperson will write to ministers asking why waste incineration, which has the potential to increase airborne emissions, was not included in the strategy.

Ruskell also welcomed the governments renewed commitment to ban fracking, adding that the Scottish Greens’ successful campaign to have the ban included in the Energy Strategy was more proof that the party is leading the change in Scotland.

Mid Scotland and Fife MSP, Mark Ruskell said:

“The publication of this strategy is welcome and I’m proud to see a further commitment to ban fracking in it. The Greens were the only party calling for the government’s policy on fracking to be included in the Energy Strategy and it shows we’re leading the change at Holyrood.

“In Scotland, there are 11 built or proposed waste incinerators and given the potential these structures have for increasing our total mass of airborne emissions, I’d have thought the government would want to give communities greater clarity.

“The government needs to review this because while there’s currently a ban on councils incinerating materials that could be recycled, they are given some flexibility if the materials are not able to be recycled due to a severe market downturn. I’ll be writing to the minister asking him for an explanation.”

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Fracking ban challenge is predictable and desperate say Greens

Tue 9 Jan, 2018

Ineos’s decision to challenge Scotland’s fracking ban has been called predictable and desperate by a Green MSP.

Mark Ruskell MSP, the Scottish Greens’ climate and energy spokesperson, also says the multinational chemicals company should accept they “lost the democratic debate” instead of throwing their toys of the pram.

Ruskell said:

“This is a predictable and desperate attempt by an industry sinking under public protest in England to try and salvage the last drop of commercial benefit in Scotland.

Harvie uses FMQs to urge industrial strategy that supports jobs such as those under threat at BiFab

Thu 16 Nov, 2017

Patrick Harvie MSP, Co-convener of the Scottish Greens, today (16 Nov) used First Minister's Questions to urge a fresh industrial strategy that urgently supports jobs in renewable energy such as the 1,400 under threat at BiFab in Fife and the Western Isles.

Green MSPs met with BiFab workers at today's rally outside Parliament, while on Tuesday Mark Ruskell, Green MSP for Mid-Scotland and Fife, pressed the Economy Secretary on the issue.

We’ve banned fracking – here’s what we do next

Andy Wightman MSP Fri 27 Oct, 2017

We did it.

Following years of hard work and determined campaigning, communities across Scotland have succeeded in persuading the Scottish Government to ban fracking.

This week the Scottish Parliament voted not only to support the Scottish Government’s proposal to extend the moratorium established in 2015 but to incorporate the ban in the National Planning Framework and to commit to using forthcoming powers over licensing to reflect Parliament’s view on the development of unconventional oil and gas.