Green MSP calls for guarantees for European NHS staff

Post-Brexit guarantees for EU nationals working in NHS Scotland were sought by a Green MSP at Holyrood today.

Ross Greer MSP asked Mike Russell, Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland's Place in Europe what further work the government is undertaking to provide evidence of the role workers from the rest of the EU have in the NHS and social care services.

West of Scotland MSP, Ross Greer said:

“I’m pleased that the minister agrees with me that our NHS and social care services face ‘severe’ issues should Scotland be dragged out of the European Union. The minister’s Brexit statement was light on detail, although I accept this is the fault of the UK government who have been unable to show the Scottish Government the common courtesy of providing regular, meaningful updates.

“It looks like we’re now only 18 weeks away from Article 50 being triggered, but we still have no idea of what Brexit is going to look like. What we do know is that unnecessary damage will be done to our health and social care services should Scotland find itself dragged out of the European Union, especially under the Tories’ proposed ‘Hard Brexit’.”