Green MSP asks Dublin meeting to support Scotland's democratic wishes

A meeting of the British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly in Dublin today (05 July) heard from a Green MSP that no government on these islands should stand in the way of Scotland having a second independence referendum.

West of Scotland MSP, Ross Greer met with the group of parliamentarians from across the UK and Ireland to explain that Scotland didn’t want to be in this situation and that the country’s democratic wishes should be respected. [1]

Greer said:

“Scotland voted overwhelmingly to stay in the European Union and it would be wrong for us as a nation, to have this result ignored. It’s right that the First Minister is, with cross-party support exploring every avenue possible for Scotland to retain its EU membership and should the most appealing option become independence by way of a second referendum, then no government or politician should stand in the way of that process.

“The political landscape of the UK has changed dramatically since 2014 and the Scottish Parliament should reserve the right to bring forward a referendum that will continue Scotland’s EU membership if that’s what people in Scotland want. None of us wanted to be in this situation and we do not want to find ourselves having to pick a least-worst option. It would be wrong for Westminster or any other body to attempt to make the democratic process in Scotland more difficult than it has to be.”