Green MSP applauds Renfrewshire’s support for Syrian refugees

The Scottish Greens are calling on local authorities throughout the UK to follow Renfrewshire’s lead in taking in Syrian refugees.

A report by the Home Affairs Select Committee reveals that Renfrewshire comes in third overall across the UK (and first in Scotland) for its intake of Syrian refugees, while Argyll & Bute and West Dunbartonshire came in fifth and twelfth respectively. [1]

Now Green MSP for the West of Scotland, Ross Greer wants other Scottish and UK councils to match the West of Scotland for its leading humanitarian role and for the Scottish Parliament to be able to have a say in future refugee schemes.

Greer said:

“Renfrewshire, and the West of Scotland overall can be proud of its role in stepping up to help Syrian refugees, many of whom have travelled a long way to flee a desperate situation. However, there are many local authorities in Scotland and the UK who have accepted just a handful of people to resettle, with many having accepted none at all. That’s simply not good enough.

“That being said, the scheme in general, devised by the UK government, was never designed to see the UK take its fair share of refugees. Instead, we’re seen as the foot-draggers of Europe who’d rather sit back and watch other countries do the hard work. It really illustrates the need for the Scottish Parliament to have more powers to be able to assist in the time of international crises.”