Scottish Greens are calling for an end to the corporate bully culture being highlighted by the Ineos Grangemouth dispute.

Greens believe a just transition is needed at the petro-chemical complex to provide a long-term future for the workforce as Scotland aims to decarbonise its economy.

Patrick Harvie MSP, Co-convener of the Scottish Greens, said:

"Ineos is a highly profitable multinational based in the tax haven of Switzerland. Its profits are measured in billions of pounds, so its bullying tactic of squeezing the workers is completely out of order.

"Rather than demanding millions from the taxpayer to subsidise unsustainable fossil fuel processing for years to come this company should be focused on a just transition involving genuine consultation with the workforce, training in transferrable skills and investment in low carbon technology and innovation."

Mr Harvie added:

"If the Scottish and UK Governments give in and open up the public chequebook, whether for Ineos or for any potential buyer, they will simply be deferring a problem that will be even harder to tackle further down the line. The STUC, who represent over six hundred thousand union members in Scotland, have in the past rightly called for a fair and just transition to a low carbon economy.

"Establishing a new economic model that protects workers and the environment has never been more important. Ineos claim to believe in new ways of doing things and empowering workers, so let's see some pressure from ministers to deliver that change."