Glasgow Greens unveil full slate of General Election candidates

The party will stand in all six seats in the city on July 4th, offering progressive vision for independent Scotland
An image of the Glasgow Green General Election candidates on Buchanan Street. Left to right: Niall Christie, Iris Duane, Ewan Lewis, John Hamelink, Amy Kettyles, Nick Quail. Credit: Derek Watson.
Every part of Glasgow will have the chance to vote for the Scottish Greens in this summer’s crucial general election. 
The Glasgow Green Party will stand candidates in all six city seats, giving voters the chance to back left-wing candidates who will put the people and planet first.
Those looking to make it to Westminster will also offer a clear vision for tackling the climate emergency, standing up for equality, and fighting poverty. 
The candidates include feminist activist Iris Duane in Glasgow North, who is seeking to become the first trans woman of colour elected to Westminster. She has previously been listed among the Young Women’s Movement’s 30 under 30 list for her work supporting survivors of gender-based violence at the University of Glasgow. 
Niall Christie, will stand in Glasgow South, having worked as a journalist in the city since making it his home in 2016. A socialist and trade unionist, Niall previously worked at the Glasgow Times, before time as Scotland Editor of left-wing daily paper the Morning Star and in the third sector.
A retired school and headteacher, Nick Quail has used his time since leaving the profession to highlight the urgency of the climate crisis. A leading voice within Extinction Rebellion Scotland, Nick is looking to build on his lifelong dedication to social justice in Glasgow West. 
Amy Kettyles is the co-convener of the Scottish Young Greens - the party’s youth wing. A student at the University of Strathclyde, they will contest their home constituency of Glasgow East offering a fresh voice for the city. 
In Glasgow North East the public will be able to vote for Ewan Lewis. Ewan is a data analyst for a worldwide consulting firm and is an internationalist, working with the Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG).
Software Engineer John Hamelink will stand in Glasgow South West. As a feminist and a left-winger with farming roots, John will hope to build on the proud Red Clydeside tradition by putting progressive policies on the agenda at Westminster.
The Glasgow Green Party will be looking to build after their historic by-election win in Hillhead earlier this year. 
The six candidates in Glasgow are part of a record-breaking slate of candidates for the party across Scotland, with the previous high of 31 set to be surpassed. 
John Hamelink, Glasgow Greens candidate for Glasgow South West, said:
“At such a momentous time in politics, both at home and across the world, it has never been more important to stand up for what is right.
"With a complacent Labour party which has proven itself yet again to be stripped of conviction and substance when it really matters, the need for a strong left wing perspective in the commons is paramount for the future of this country and for those who live in it.
"As eco-socialists, we must stand for a just transition away from fossil fuels, and through this change we must empower workers with all their skills, talents and wisdom to build a society for all of us, not just those with asset wealth and political sway.
"We want ordinary people to be part of this from the get-go, and no other party offers that."
Niall Christie, Glasgow Greens candidate for Glasgow South, added:
“Labour and the SNP would have you think in Glasgow South and across the city that they are the only choices on the ballot. But with the Tories not at risk of winning here, the public can vote with their conscience and put the future of Glasgow, Scotland, and the planet first. 
“Since making Glasgow my home I have built my life here, and welcomed my first child earlier this year. I want to make sure that Glasgow and the rest of the world are safe places for him to grow up. 
“As a proud ecosocialist, I understand that the climate emergency and the financial challenges facing ordinary voters are intertwined. If the people of Glasgow vote Green on July 4th they will have six dedicated MPs who will work every single day for the working people of this city.”