Glasgow Greens celebrate historic by-election win as Seonad Hoy tops poll in Hillhead

Seonad Hoy makes history with first ever by-election victory for party.
An image of Seonad Hoy, Hillhead's new Green councillor.  On a dark green rectangle near the top of the image sits the word 'Congratulations' in white.  At the bottom of the image white text sits against a dark green rhombus, fading to light green lower d
Glasgow Green candidate Seonad Hoy has secured victory in the Hillhead by-election, making history for the party. 
An experienced campaigner with a background in the third sector and social housing, Councillor Hoy will become a key asset on the Council as Glasgow tackles an ongoing housing emergency.
The Scottish Greens knocked over 8,000 doors in Hillhead since the campaign began in January, with leaflets hand delivered to almost every home in the ward. 
Glasgow has the largest Green group in the party's history, with 11 councillors serving in the chambers. 
Seonad has been heavily involved with the party in recent years, having served as co-convenor of the Glasgow Greens since 2022 and for two years as the branch’s secretary before that. 
On a local level, Seonad was a key part of the re-election campaign for long-standing Hillhead Councillor Martha Wardrop. 
Having lived in Hillhead for 20 years, Seonad has an appreciation for local priorities and will work to strengthen the rights of residents, community organisations and small businesses.
Seonad intends to continue and build upon Councillor Wardrop’s fantastic work over the past 17 years, and the pair will now work together to represent the people of Hillhead and Glasgow. 
Newly-elected Hillhead Councillor Seonad Hoy said:
"I am absolutely delighted to have been elected to represent the people of Hillhead alongside the marvellous Martha Wardrop. 
“This was a real team effort from the Glasgow Greens. Every single one of our activists worked to make this happen and I can’t thank them all enough. 
“But now the hard work really begins. I look forward to bringing that same energy and enthusiasm that saw the Greens win our first ever by-election to my role as councillor in Hillhead.”
Councillor Martha Wardrop’s dedicated work led to the Greens finishing in first place in the Hillhead ward in 2022’s local elections, and that work has been continued by Councillor Hoy’s historic election. 
Martha is excited to get working with her new colleague, and welcomed Councillor Hoy to the City Chambers.
Councillor Wardrop said:
“The election of a second Glasgow Green councillor in Hillhead is a tremendous breakthrough for our party in Glasgow. 
“I look forward to working closely with Councillor Hoy to address people’s concerns across the Hillhead ward and help deliver a fairer, Greener Glasgow.”
The win in Hillhead represents the party’s first ever win in a by-election anywhere in Scotland, and sets a mark for the Scottish Greens to build across the country. 
Scottish Green Party co-leader and Glasgow MSP, Patrick Harvie, added:
“I’m so grateful to everyone who helped make this groundbreaking result for the Scottish Greens possible - Seonad, Martha, all our volunteers and every single voter who put their trust in us. 
“We’re working hard to make a difference in Glasgow and across Scotland, and it’s clear that Hillhead’s voters understand the urgency of putting Green ideas into practice.”