Giving local councils power over visitor tax would show Scotland is normal says Wightman

Giving local councils the power to levy a visitor tax as happens in other global destinations would show that Scotland is a normal European country, according to Scottish Greens local government spokesperson Andy Wightman MSP.

Local government body COSLA today (27 June) called for more financial powers such as a visitor tax so Scottish councils can better fund local services and support local economies. 

Andy Wightman MSP said:

“I am delighted to see Scotland’s councils pushing hard for a debate on broadening the local tax base starting with visitor tax powers. For far, far too long Scottish Ministers have resisted giving local government the kind of fiscal autonomy that those same Ministers have argued successfully be given to Holyrood.

"Greens have long argued that the case for a visitor tax is strong alongside other fiscal powers to widen the tax base. It is time for Scotland to become a normal European country with normal local government instead of the hugely centralised and minimalist system we have which is at odds with the situation in virtually every other European country.

"Perhaps with a new Local Government Secretary in the Cabinet we can hope for some fresh thinking in this important area.”