Gender Recognition Reform would be historic step for equality

We will be proud to vote for this reform, and hope that MSPs from all parties do the same.

By voting to support Gender Recognition Reform, the Scottish Parliament can set a vital precedent and take a historic step for equality, say the Scottish Greens.

The comments, from the Scottish Greens equalities spokesperson, Maggie Chapman MSP, come as the Scottish Parliament begins the first of two days of debate on the reform, which would allow self-identification for trans people, and enable 16 and 17 year old trans people to be legally recognised.

Maggie Chapman MSP said:

“After six years, two consultations, substantial committee scrutiny and hours of debate, many will be relieved that this vote is finally taking place.

“If this Bill passes it will set a vital precedent across the UK and would represent an historic step for equality. This is a change that should have happened years ago, and cannot be delayed for another moment. 

“The only thing standing in the way of this small but significant step is 129 MSPs. We all have an obligation to think about the things we have said and done throughout this process and what message we are sending.

“The Scottish Greens stand fully and unreservedly with our trans siblings, just as we have done each and every day. We will be proud to vote for this reform, and hope that MSPs from all parties do the same.

“It is a small change that can remove a lot of pain and bureaucracy from a process that many have told us can be long and traumatic. It is a step on the way to improving the lives of individuals in one of the most marginalised groups within our society.

“I am pleased that, with Scottish Greens in government, we are finally delivering this crucial but long overdue reform. 

“Like the abolition of Section 28 and the introduction of equal marriage, our Parliament has the chance to take a big step towards a more progressive and inclusive society that recognises LGBTQIA+ people for who they really are and always have been. I hope that MSPs from all parties embrace that opportunity.”

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