Gender Recognition Reform crucial step for equality

This evening the Scottish Parliament voted to support the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill, which the Scottish Greens have welcomed as a “crucial step for equality.”

Commenting after the vote, the Scottish Greens Equalities spokesperson, Maggie Chapman MSP said:

“This is a crucial step for equality and I am delighted that we have taken a big leap towards delivering it.

"Trans rights are human rights and I am proud that our parliament has voted to put Scotland at the forefront of equality in the UK. 

“This Bill has been targeted by a disgraceful tsunami of disinformation and scaremongering, and a heart-breaking moral panic that has been manufactured and disseminated by a small but vocal number of people.

“Self-identification is a crucial reform. It is a key part of the Bute House Agreement that the Scottish Greens negotiated with the Scottish Government. But it is only one part of the change that is needed. 

“Over the course of this parliamentary term we will transform the way that trans people access and experience healthcare. And we will introduce a comprehensive ban on conversion practices.

“We owe a great debt today to our trans and non-binary friends, colleagues, comrades and relatives, those who have campaigned and explained, written, sung, painted, marched, prayed and believed. Today is for you. We see you and we thank you.”