Gaza debate has shown Westminster at its very worst

Westminster was thrown into chaos by political games.

Today’s debate on supporting a ceasefire in Gaza has shown the very worst of Westminster, says the Scottish Greens external affairs spokesperson, Ross Greer MSP.

Mr Greer said: “From a government that has shown a total indifference to a brutal genocide to a so-called Labour opposition that has played the most cynical political games, tonight’s debate has shown Westminster at its very worst.

“The bizarre procedures and political choices of the Speaker threw everything into utter chaos, but the contents of the debate were even worse. We saw Tory MPs excusing war crimes and playing down the slaughter while Labour prioritised political point scoring.

“It was a pathetic shambles, confirming that Westminster will always put the interests of Britain’s ruling elites ahead of genuine democracy. 

“But the stakes for Palestinians could not be higher. Tens of thousands of innocent people have already been killed, children are having their limbs amputated without anaesthetics and vital supplies are being blocked by Israel. 

“It is months since the Scottish Parliament joined many others around the world in supporting calls for a ceasefire and an end to the killing. The fact that Westminster has thrown up endless obstructions and given us this farce underlines how unfit for purpose it is as an institution.

“How much worse would things have to get for them to put human rights ahead of their own self-interest?”