Gaza ceasefire vote a clear moral test for every MP

All MPs must back international calls for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Today’s Gaza ceasefire vote is a clear moral test for every MP, says the Scottish Greens external affairs spokesperson Ross Greer MSP.

Mr Greer said: “This vote is a clear moral test for every MP. Over the last four months Israeli forces have inflicted a brutal humanitarian crisis on the people of Gaza, with the UK Government and the Labour Party supporting them every step of the way.

“The Israeli military is being investigated for genocide by the highest court in the world. Families are being wiped out every day and over twelve thousand children have been killed, yet Westminster has continued to arm and support an occupation force inflicting these horrors on the Palestinian people.

“The Prime Minister doesn’t even pretend to care about the tens of thousands of Palestinians killed by Israel, and Sir Keir Starmer has been no better. He has spun, distorted and spoken from both sides of his mouth, even going as far as explicitly endorsing Israeli war crimes before trying to pretend otherwise. Starmer is a human rights lawyer, he knows what a genocide looks like but has played cynical games rather than using his position to push for an end to the slaughter.

“We are hours away from the vote and it’s still impossible to know what Labour will do. Their position has changed multiple times in the last twenty four hours alone, clearly indicating that it is political calculation rather than moral values dictating their decisions.

“Hundreds of millions of us across the world want to see an immediate and lasting ceasefire. Many governments have already called for it, including our nearest neighbours like Ireland.

“The stakes could not be higher. Tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians have already been killed by Israel, children are having limbs amputated without anaesthetics and food, water, electricity and other vital supplies are being blocked.

“Every MP has an opportunity to do what is right by voting for a full and immediate ceasefire, for the release of all hostages and for an end to the collective punishment of the Palestinian people by Israel.”