Wed 10 Nov, 2021

This document is a milestone shift in how Scotland will develop over the next decade, clearly showing the impact of greens in government Mark Ruskell

The Scottish Government’s new planning strategy for the next decade will show the legacy of greens in government, Scottish Greens climate spokesperson Mark Ruskell has said.

The draft National Planning Framework (NPF) 4, published today, puts the climate emergency front and centre, paving the way for green investments in renewable energy expansion, restored natural environment and a massive expansion in walking and cycling infrastructure.

Town centres will focus on planning for people, with nature networks protecting and restoring ecosystems right across Scotland.

While active travel becomes a national priority for the first time, the framework also shows a major shift away from prioritising fossil fuels and road projects with a presumption in favour of new fossil fuel power stations removed.

Responding, Mark Ruskell said: “This document is a milestone shift in how Scotland will develop over the next decade, clearly showing the impact of greens in government.

“Where previously there was a focus on fossil fuels and roads, this major shift in planning priorities will pave the way for doubling Scotland’s onshore wind capacity and support other renewables projects. It will channel the £55m nature recovery funding announced on Saturday into vast networks of restored habitats and will map out how our commitment to massively increase cycling and walking infrastructure will be spent on the ground in years to come.”

“Thanks to the Greens, government will triple spend to at least £320 million or 10 per cent of the total transport budget on active travel during this parliament.

“Supporting communities to have 20-minute neighbourhoods will mean towns start to work for people rather than traffic jams, and greater protections for green spaces will be most welcome to communities. Scotland’s future is green, as this planning framework shows.”


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Scotland has made a “big step forward” by having Greens in government, according to a new report by the UK Climate Change Committee.

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Responding to reports that Shell has pulled of the Cambo oil field off Shetland, Scottish Greens energy and climate spokesperson Mark Ruskell MSP said:

“Today’s news shows that Scotland is approaching the end of the age of oil and gas, and it is time that governments started planning accordingly.

“For a company like Shell to publicly state that it is not economically viable to extract oil from this site is hugely significant.

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The UK Government must not stand in the way of Scotland’s action to tackle single-use plastics, the Scottish Greens have said.

Circular economy minister Lorna Slater has already announced plans to eliminate the most problematic single-use plastics from fast food, including polystyrene and plastic straws, and more action is expected, for example on wet wipes that contain plastic.

However, the plans are under threat from the UK Internal Market Act, which allows the UK to effectively veto devolved decisions.