New figures showing fuel poverty continues to affect over a quarter of Scottish households are proof that a national insulation scheme needs to be fast-tracked, according to Scottish Green MSP Patrick Harvie.

Figures show that most of the 3 per cent reduction in fuel poverty is due to energy efficiency measures, which Greens have been persistent in demanding from the Scottish Government. 647,000 homes - 27 per cent of all households - remain in fuel poverty. The figure for extreme fuel poverty is unchanged at 170,000 homes - 8 per cent of all households.

Patrick Harvie, Green MSP for Glasgow and housing spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, said:

“For all the empty posturing on energy prices from SNP, Labour and the UK Coalition, it’s clear that the single most effective thing any Government can do to cut fuel poverty is to invest in energy efficiency. Far too many households in Scotland are still paying through the nose for heat which simply flows out through roofs, windows and walls.

"These latest figures prove that the Scottish Government should have prioritised a national insulation scheme, to tackle the continuing chronic level of fuel poverty in Scotland. We can still make a real difference, if Ministers redirect their budget to cut energy waste and create valuable green jobs across our economy.”


Scottish House Condition Survey

Fuel poverty is defined as energy costs exceeding 10 per cent of household income. Extreme fuel poverty is where costs exceed 20 per cent of income.