Thu 18 Apr, 2019

If our health service is to thrive in the future it’s vital that Scotland remains a welcoming country. Alison Johnstone

It’s vital that Scotland continues to be a welcoming country if our health service is to thrive in the future according to Scottish Greens Parliamentary Co-Leader and Health Spokesperson Alison Johnstone.

Freedom of Movement has been hugely important to the NHS, with many EU nationals working in this vital public service, yet Brexit threatens to end this entitlement that Scotland has benefited from for many years.

The Greens, who narrowly missed out on a seat at the last EU elections in 2014, are stepping up their EU election campaign this weekend and the Lothian MSP claims they’re best placed to boot out the far right incumbent this time around.

The party will host an action day on Saturday, urging voters to Choose Hope Over Hate, emphasising the importance of freedom of movement to Scotland.

The internal election to select the party’s candidates is currently underway, with the results due to be announced next week.

Alison Johnstone MSP said:

“If our health service is to thrive in the future it’s vital that Scotland remains a welcoming country. With an ageing population, it is more important than ever that our EU neighbours continue to be welcomed to support our vital public services.

“But more than that, freedom of movement enriches us culturally, allowing people to live, love, move and work across the continent. The far right proponents of Brexit would have us throw this all-away, making ordinary people poorer in the process.

“The Scottish Greens are best placed to kick out our far right MEP in the upcoming EU election. We will offer the people of Scotland the opportunity to choose hope over hate by electing Scotland’s first Green MEP.”

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Choose Hope Over Hate

Alison Johnstone MSP Sat 20 Apr, 2019

European elections are coming up in May and they will be the most important we’ve ever had. They represent a chance for Scotland’s voice to be heard at last, after repeatedly being treated with contempt in the years since the EU referendum.

Scottish Greens have fought tirelessly for Scotland’s remain vote to be respected. These elections are a chance to prove there is in fact growing support for staying in the EU, but not only that, they are also a chance to show that we reject the hateful ideology at the very heart of the Brexit project and oust those MEPs who’ve enabled it.