Free movement of people has been good for our economy and our culture

Ross Greer, Europe spokesperson for the Scottish Greens and MSP for the West of Scotland, today criticised former Labour trade minister Nigel Griffiths for his comments on immigration.

The Scottish co-ordinator of the Labour Leave campaign said immigration is "causing shortages and tensions" in schools and hospitals.

Ross Greer MSP said:

“These comments are shameful. The EU referendum is not and should not simply be a vote on immigration. As a former Labour minister, Nigel Griffiths should be highlighting what the EU has done for workers’ rights, women’s rights and public health, rather than stooping to UKIP-style mistruths.

“Free movement of people, a cornerstone of the EU, has been good for our economy and our culture. The strains on our public services are down to the Tories’ mindless programme of budget cuts. Scottish Greens believe Scotland is a great place to live and work, and by remaining inside Europe we can show we are a welcoming nation that stands for social justice.”