Re reports that a motion put forward by SNP branches calling for a ban on unconventional gas has been excluded from the Spring conference agenda.PH smart for web

Patrick Harvie MSP, Economy and Energy spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, said:

"I welcome the commitment that has been shown by many SNP activists to secure protection for Scotland’s communities against dangerous and unnecessary developments by the extremists of the fossil fuel industry. It must be deeply frustrating for them to be up against a party leadership that’s unwilling to offer voters any clarity on this issue, or even to allow a democratic vote. It’s clear that if we want a government that’s bold enough to tell the likes of Ineos to 'frack off', we’re going to need a bold Parliament too, with a strong contingent of Green MSPs.

"Following on from the SNP leadership’s decision to block radical land reform proposals that lots of their members want, I’ve seen many SNP supporters talk more openly about splitting their vote in May, because giving their support to the Greens is clearly the best way they can put pressure on their own leaders to take the right path."