Foreign Secretary must resign over Israeli war crime complicity

The UK government has armed and supported genocide against Gaza.

UK foreign Secretary David Cameron must resign over his complicity in Israeli war crimes, say the Scottish Greens.

The call follows requests from the International Criminal Court for an arrest warrant against Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu and defence Minister Yoav Gallant, as well as Yahya Sinwar and other Hamas leaders, for crimes against humanity.

The Scottish Green’s external affairs spokesperson Ross Greer has also demanded an immediate end to all UK arms exports and support for Israel and for full UK Government cooperation with any ICC investigations.

Mr Greer said: “The people of Gaza have suffered seven months of brutal bombardment and slaughter at the hands of Israeli forces. This assault has been enabled and supported by complicit governments like the UK’s every step of the way.

“The behaviour of both the UK government and the Labour party has been truly shameful and immoral. They have ignored clear and overwhelming evidence and made excuses for the crimes of collective punishment and genocide. It is right that the International Court holds the leaders of both Israel and Hamas to account for their terrible crimes.

“Israeli forces have shown a complete disregard for international humanitarian law and the rights and lives of Palestinians. With 1.5 million people trapped in Rafah, the stakes could not be higher. Shamefully, the weapons and equipment used to carry out this slaughter includes those supplied by the UK.

“The Foreign Secretary has not only allowed arms sales to Israel to continue, he has actively defended them. If he has even the slightest shred of regret about the role he has played in enabling some of the worst crimes of this century then David Cameron must tender his resignation and go back into political obscurity.”