Alison Johnstone has welcomed the launch of the Scottish Government consultation into fan involvement in Scottish football clubs. The consultation seeks views on legislation that would establish fan rights in the stewardship of Scottish football clubs.

The consultation opens after the Scottish Greens secured amendments to the Community Empowerment Bill that give Ministers the power to establish a fans' right to buy their football clubs.

Alison said:

"This is a very exciting moment for Scottish football - it's a chance for us to give fans a proper say in the running of the clubs they support. I'm very happy to see the Scottish Greens' campaign for fans' rights in football come this far, and I now hope to see as wide a public response to this consultation as possible – this is the chance to put Scottish football on the path to a brighter and more secure future.

"Too often we see clubs run into financial trouble, or ignore the wishes of supporters, because of poor stewardship by owners whose interests are not always rooted in the community. I believe our clubs would be in safer hands if supporters had the power to take charge when appropriate - after all, fans are the people who have a real love for the game and know their clubs inside and out.  Fan ownership is already the norm in countries like Germany, and there's no reason why Scottish fans should not benefit from the same rights as football supporters elsewhere.

"I've been pleased to see many of my colleagues in the Scottish Parliament express support for fan ownership, and I hope to see this support continue. In the coming months, I look forward to working with supporter groups and football clubs to make sure the Scottish Government can do the right thing for Scottish football and set the fans' right to own and run their clubs into legislation."