FMQs: Scottish Greens call out SNP climate hypocrisy

The Scottish Greens have called out Scottish Government complaints about Boris Johnson’s Union Connectivity Review as hypocritical when the SNP commit to the same climate-wrecking transport policies.

At First Minister’s Questions, Scottish Greens parliamentary co-leader Alison Johnson raised the fact the reckless policies of cutting air taxes and expanding major roads included in the UK Government plans are also policies of the Scottish Government.

On the same day that the Scottish Government’s Transport Secretary outlined road expansion plans, the First Minister was telling business leaders that the COP26 climate summit was “perhaps our only chance” to tackle the climate emergency. She said Scotland “will do everything we can to play our full part.” 

Alison Johnstone said: “Boris Johnson’s plan to build roads in Scotland and encourage internal flights is an attack on devolution, but what is the point of devolution if we are going to make exactly the same anti-climate policies?

“We know the Scottish Government has wanted to cut air passenger duty, and on the same day that the UK Government released its planet-wrecking plan, the transport secretary confirmed his plans to expand roads, a policy we know increases emissions and congestion.

“Transport emissions are going up, causing Scotland to miss its climate targets. That’s why the Scottish Greens have prioritised this area. We have secured free bus travel for everyone aged 21 and under, increased funding for cycling, walking, and wheeling, and got commitments to taking forward key rail projects. But we need to go further, faster.”