FM COP speech shows shift toward Green stance on fossil fuels

Scottish Greens have welcomed First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s speech on the COP26 summit, describing it as a shift away from the policy goal of maximum fossil fuel extraction.

Highlighting the cooperation agreement between the Scottish Greens and the Scottish Government, the speech included acknowledgement for the first time that fossil fuel extraction cannot continue indefinitely.

Previously, the Scottish Greens were the only political party opposing new exploration for fossil fuels and calling for undeveloped licenses to be revoked.

Responding, Scottish Greens co-leader Patrick Harvie said: “The First Minister is right, Global inaction on the climate emergency must not be allowed to continue. With Greens in government, Scotland is finally facing up to the reality that continual fossil fuel extraction, so-called ‘maximum economic recovery’, is incompatible with climate action. Until very recently this destructive ideology was almost a consensus, but now only a stubborn few continue to pretend that it can continue.

“Scotland, and the world, can have a sustainable future and a fairer more equal basis for shared prosperity, but only if we leave the extractive and exploitative economy of the past behind us, and build a greener economy.”