Wed 4 May, 2022

Every vote counts, but it is your number 1 vote that is the most important and that will make by far the biggest difference. Lorna Slater

First preference votes for the Scottish Greens will have the biggest impact on changing local authority leadership, the co-leader Lorna Slater will announce today.

In the final day of campaigning ahead of the local elections, Scottish Greens are aiming to make gains across the country, with candidates are asking voters to Think Global and Act Local by giving them their first preference vote.

Lorna Slater said: “This election is about action in our communities, which is why we need more Green councillors all over Scotland, pushing local authorities to cut carbon emissions, boost public transport and build communities where everyone can afford to live, learn and work.

“Even one or two Green councillors could be in a position to hold the balance of power, and will be crucial in delivering the things we are securing in government, like record investment in nature restoration, recycling and active travel, and the biggest teacher recruitment drive in 15 years.

“Every vote counts, but it is your number 1 vote that is the most important and that will make by far the biggest difference. Giving the Scottish Greens your first preference is the only way to guarantee a new direction for your council.”

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Greens call for East Lothian Health & Care Crisis Summit

Thu 21 Apr, 2022

East Lothian Greens have called for a summit to discuss the health and care crisis in the county.

A parade is planned this weekend in support of the Edington Hospital and relatives have reported to Scottish Green council candidates staffing shortages at the Haddington Community Hospital over the Easter Weekend. 

Green MSP raises concerns over future of Hollies Community Hub

Thu 21 Apr, 2022

Green MSP and Co-Leader Lorna Slater has supported calls to save the Hollies Community Hub in Musselburgh. This follows concerns raised by local campaigners and residents. 

The Hollies Centre, which works to prevent social isolation within the community for those 60 and over, has applied for emergency funding due to escalating maintenance costs and the impact of the pandemic.

Local volunteers have warned that without emergency funding the centre may have to close in a matter of weeks.

Scottish Greens can bring climate focus to councils

Tue 12 Apr, 2022

Scottish Greens councillors will deliver change for communities by thinking globally and acting locally.

The party’s manifesto was launched today, committing to focus local authorities on the priorities the Scottish Greens have brought to government – by bringing climate and social justice to planning decisions and local services.