First Minister led with empathy, strength and dignity

Nicola Sturgeon has truly been a major figure in Scottish and UK politics in her decisive, tireless and collaborative leadership through unprecedented challenges and we are sorry to see her step down.

She is the most significant political figure of the devolution era. Whoever replaces her will have the strongest foundation to build forward the argument for delivering independence, for how we ramp up efforts to tackle the climate emergency and manage the cost of living crisis which continues to impact lives daily.

The First Minister was at the helm in developing the Bute House Agreement between the Scottish Government and the Scottish Greens. The agreement was a historic moment in Scottish politics and was endorsed overwhelmingly by Scottish Green and SNP members. 

We look forward to continuing to deliver on our shared ambition for a greener, fairer Scotland, both in the immediate future and with a new First Minister in place.  

Embracing progressive politics will be just one of her many legacies. The Sturgeon era has been built upon compassion, determination and selflessness which have helped anchor our nation through all manner of stormy seas, particularly throughout the Covid pandemic where she led with empathy, strength and dignity.

We thank her for her endeavour and for her friendship, and commit to continuing our work of government as she plots a new course ahead. 

Scottish Greens Co-Leaders: Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater

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