Finnie slams offensive Tory Gaelic comments

Highlands and Islands Scottish Greens MSP John Finnie has slammed comments from Tory Education Spokesperson Liz Smith MSP, who said that a presumption in favour of teaching primary school children in the Western Isles in Gaelic was, "A deeply troubling step and one that could put children in the Western Isles at a distinct disadvantage to their peers." 

John Finnie MSP said:

“Liz Smith’s comments are as offensive as they are inaccurate. The reasons behind the historical decline of Gaelic in the Western Isles are well documented, as are the benefits of bilingualism. Ms Smith would be well advised to read up on both. She should also apologise to my constituents, the Comhairle, and everyone who has worked so hard to increase the profile of Gaelic in the Gàidhealtachd in recent years.”