Finnie responds to report on governance of Scottish Police Authority

Responding to publication of a report on governance of the Scottish Police Authority by Holyrood's Justice Sub-Committee on Policing, John Finnie MSP, the Scottish Greens’ Justice Spokesperson, said:

“The Scottish Police Authority play an important role in scrutinising Police Scotland and holding it to account. Andrew Flanagan said nothing at his most recent appearance in front of the Justice Sub-Committee on Policing which led me to believe that he has learned the important lessons necessary for him to lead the Scottish Police Authority.

“Mr Flanagan’s half-hearted apology, emailing Moi Ali around an hour before his appearance at the Sub-Committee, epitomises his approach to this whole sorry saga – looking out for his own self-interest rather than that of the Scottish Police Authority. In order to effectively chair an important public body it is vital that you hold the confidence of parliament.

“It is clear from the views expressed by both the Public Audit Committee and today by the Justice Sub-Committee on Policing that Mr Flanagan lacks that confidence. He certainly does not hold my confidence.

“This ongoing situation continues to overshadow the vital work of the SPA and must be resolved sooner rather than later. I would ask Mr Flanagan to seriously reflect on his position.”