Thu 30 May, 2019

The Scottish Government’s medium-term financial strategy once again highlights that the Scottish Greens are leading the change in Scotland according to the party’s parliamentary Co-Leader Patrick Harvie MSP.

The Finance Secretary highlighted the fairer taxation model that is now in place as a result of Green influence in budget negotiations, making over £500m additional available for public services.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

“Since 2016 the Scottish Greens have used our influence to ensure that a fairer income tax regime is in place. This has ensured that all those earning less than the average incomes pay less, while those on higher incomes pay more. This has so far raised an additional £500 million to invest in public services and we will push the Scottish Government to go further in future years.

“This year we gained a commitment to bring an end to the council tax, and ensure a fairer funding settlement for councils and local communities. Cross party talks have already begun and I am confident that we will continue leading the change by delivering a fairer settlement on local taxation, as we have done nationally.”

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