Alison Johnstone has today asked the Scottish Government how £500m to build nuclear-armed submarine infrastructure could be invested to better benefit the Scottish economy and create jobs.

The Green MSP expressed concern after George Osborne announced investment to pave the way for Trident renewal at Faslane naval base.

In the first Topical Questions for the new Parliamentary session at Holyrood, Johnstone highlighted that Scotland should lead the way in nuclear disarmament, and create jobs in alternative sectors as proposed in the new jobs report from the Green MSPs. The Green MSP argued that Faslane could be used to secure jobs and security without renewing its nuclear capacity.

Johnstone also stressed the need to for unilateral disarmament, and called on Scottish Labour to support the approach already endorsed by the Scottish Greens and the SNP.

Alison Johnstone, MSP for the Scottish Greens and candidate for Edinburgh Central, said:

“The Scottish Greens want to see public money spent for the public good, not on irresponsible defence gimmicks. To secure a safe future for our country, we need to invest in people not defence-chief playthings. Faslane can play a much more effective role in our defence without nuclear weapons and any investment should ensure we have a conventional defence force able to meet 21st century needs.

“Those politicians who think that we should be waiting in the side-lines until other nations decide to get rid of nuclear arms are setting could be used in a far better way We will never achieve global disarmament unless we take bold steps to show that countries can tackle security concerns without relying on weapons of mass destruction.

“The Scottish Government must make sure that it stands with the Scottish people and oppose regressive Westminster defence policy. Scotland should be leading the way by disarming from nuclear weapons and creating security policy and economic plans that properly address the challenges we face today.”