Tue 9 Jun, 2020

The Scottish Government’s failure to introduce regular, routine Covid19 testing for NHS staff is “indefensible” according to Scottish Greens Parliamentary Co-Leader Alison Johnstone MSP. 

Ms Johnstone questioned the Cabinet Secretary for Health in parliament this afternoon noting, “scores of examples of blanket testing detecting large numbers of individuals with Covid without even knowing it”

Alison Johnstone MSP said: 

“I first called for the routine, regular testing of NHS staff to in April, a call that has been backed repeatedly by experts. There are potentially people walking around our hospitals unwittingly passing on the virus. People are dying from Covid19, having acquired it in hospital, and the government still refuses to regularly test staff. The ongoing absence of routine, regular testing in our hospitals is indefensible.”

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Every family must be able to access childcare 

Thu 9 Jul, 2020

Responding to the First Minister’s statement this afternoon, Scottish Greens Parliamentary Co-Leader Alison Johnstone MSP called on the First Minister to ensure that every family has access to the childcare it needs. 

Alison Johnstone MSP said: 

“The announcement confirming the delayed rollout of 1140 hours of childcare came as a huge disappointment for parents. 

“For those using or seeking alternative childcare provision like childminders, restrictions on blended childcare are very challenging.

Early years delay will come as a blow to parents, say Greens 

Wed 8 Jul, 2020

Responding to the announcement that the implementation of 1,140 hours of free childcare could be delayed for a year, until August 2021, Scottish Greens Parliamentary Co-Leader Alison Johnstone MSP said: 

“While it’s understandable that the coronavirus crisis has had an impact on the rollout of 1,140 hours of childcare, the news that its introduction could be delayed by a whole year will come as a blow to parents. 

Well-resourced welfare fund essential say Scottish Greens

Tue 7 Jul, 2020

Scottish Greens today called on the Scottish Government to ensure that emergency welfare support is adequately funded, as new data showed increased demand for support.