Expert panel backs Green budget win 

An expert panel has backed a Scottish Greens proposal to tackle throwaway plastics by introducing a charge of around 25p on disposable drinks cup. [1]

The Scottish Government agreed to the proposal in principle earlier this year, as long as it received the backing of its expert advisers. Urgent action is required to tackle Scotland’s throwaway culture. Now that this proposal has been backed Green MSP Andy Wightman is urging Ministers to introduce the charge immediately so that we begin to see a reduction in the hundreds of thousands of disposable cups that are used in Scotland each year. 

Andy Wightman MSP said: 

“Greens believe Scotland should take the lead in tackling the scourge of pollution caused by single-use plastics. That’s why we proposed measures to tackle this problem during budget negotiations earlier this year and I’m delighted that the expert panel has now backed our proposal to introduce a charge on throwaway cups. 

“Plastic pollution has become a global environmental emergency. The mass consumption of single use plastics is threatening wildlife, littering our communities, contributing to climate change and placing enormous costs on local governments. Ministers must ensure this charge is rolled out urgently as hundreds of thousands of these cups are used every year.