Ross Greer, the Scottish Green Party spokesperson on Europe and External Affairs, has today criticised the decision to hold the EU referendum on 23 June as ‘unfair to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland’. Greer highlighted that the devolved parliament and assemblies are gearing up for their own elections in May, leaving little time for the substantial debate on the UK’s EU membership.

However, Greer called on progressive pro-Europe campaigners to make the most of the four months ahead, and to do their utmost to put forward a positive case for EU membership.

The Scottish Greens will launch their own campaign for the UK to remain within the European Union.

Ross Greer said:

“Holding the referendum just weeks after major elections across the UK makes it harder to have the substantial debate we need on the UK's future within Europe. David Cameron has once again shown he has no regard for voters in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but this cannot stop us from running a positive, progressive campaign for the UK to remain within a reformed European Union.  

“From the tax on bankers' bonuses to the ability to live, work and study across the continent, we have gained so much from the EU already. Our campaign will emphasise building on these successes and positively reforming the EU in the areas where it has failed. The Scottish Greens and millions of people around the UK know that a better, more open and more just Europe is possible. We will do our best to make sure Scotland and the UK remain in the EU and take this vision forward.”