Edinburgh Airport consultation "pointless" given strong opposition to expansion

Scottish Green MSPs say the launch of a further wave of consultation by Edinburgh Airport is "pointless" given the strong public opposition to expansion plans.

Green MSPs Alison Johnstone, Andy Wightman and Mark Ruskell have been contacted by concerned residents across Lothian region and Fife, as changes to flight routes would negatively affect many communities.

Alison Johnstone, Scottish Green MSP for Lothian, said:

"At no point has the option of not expanding been considered. This latest so-called consultation is pointless as it wrongly assumes that more air travel in and out of Edinburgh is a good thing. 

"Expansion will clearly have a region-wide impact on people and wildlife from aircraft noise and air pollution, and a national impact from increased climate change emissions. We need a wider conversation about alternatives.

"During public meetings last year, airport representatives talked about doubling take off times from one flight every two minutes to one flight a minute. This isn’t discussed anywhere in the consultation, so the public are not being given the full facts. 

"The responses from the last consultation showed a majority were negative. Green MSPs will continue to challenge Edinburgh Airport's profit-driven motives and put forward sustainable ways to support our economy."