Mon 9 Nov, 2020

Scottish Greens energy and climate spokesperson Mark Ruskell MSP has slammed Douglas Ross, branding his plans to shelve climate targets and continue oil and gas extraction for decades as “climate change denial.”

Citing a study by Scottish Renewables showing that 77% of oil workers would be happy to move into renewables and to learn new skills, Mr Ruskell added that Mr Ross’ comments were not only out of step with the aspirations of the workforce, if taken seriously they would risk Scotland’s ability to play our part in tackling the climate emergency.

Mark Ruskell MSP said:

“Douglas Ross engaging in anti-science climate change denial isn’t just depressing it is downright dangerous and will be dismissed by most Scots who acknowledge that the climate crisis is an urgent priority.

“Scotland has an abundance of renewable energy potential, yet the Scottish Tories seem determined to hitch our future to the fossil fuel relics of the past.

“The Tory’s bizarre approach also lets the SNP off the hook for failing to capitalise on Scotland’s potential and deliver the quality, well paid, unionised green jobs that we know can be created now.

“Most oil workers want to put their skills to work in Scotland’s renewables sector. But SNP and Tory governments have so far failed miserably to deliver on promised jobs.

“With the COP26 climate summit due to take place in Glasgow next year, and a new man in the White House who actually recognises the existential threat that is posed by the climate crisis there is a real opportunity for Scotland to play a leading role in tackling it.

“We need to see an emergency response from government that befits the climate emergency we face. Step 1 in that response should be to ignore the anti-science drivel espoused by the honourable member for Moray.”

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Thu 26 Nov, 2020

The Scottish Government has dodged its responsibilities on the nature and climate responsibilities by allowing destructive grouse moors to decide how they are to be regulated, the Scottish Greens have warned.

Having waited a year to respond to a review into Scotland’s grouse moors, ministers have now confirmed that the grouse shooting industry is unable to police itself, but indicated it will get to decide its own regulations.

In a statement to parliament environment minister Mairi Gougeon announced a further consultation on grouse moor licensing scheme will take place.

SNP and Tories have nothing but excuses for Bifab workers

Tue 24 Nov, 2020

Responding to the statement issued this evening by the Scottish and UK Governments regarding Bifab, Scottish Greens Energy Spokesperson and Fife MSP Mark Ruskell said:

“When it comes to the future of jobs at Bifab the SNP and the Tories have nothing to offer but excuses.

“Time and again we’re told that state aid rules are the reason that the Scottish Government cannot take a greater stake in the company, yet we know that other European countries strategically invest in the energy market all the time.

SNP blocks declaration of a nature emergency

Wed 18 Nov, 2020

The Scottish Parliament has missed the opportunity to declare a nature emergency, after the SNP blocked the vote with an amendment congratulating the Scottish Government instead.

If passed, the Scottish Green motion would have made Scotland the first country to formally recognise the rapid decline in species populations as an emergency.