Mon 11 Sep, 2017

... one constant throughout our parliament’s history has been the presence of Greens Patrick Harvie MSP

The Scottish Parliament, as voted for in a referendum 20 years ago today (11 Sept), would look very different without the presence of Green MSPs says the party’s co-convener.

Patrick Harvie says that “one constant” throughout the two decades of devolution has been the election of Green MSPs who have been at the forefront of “leading the change in Scotland”.

Harvie lists one the Greens’ great achievements as pushing the other parties in Scotland in the same direction on many issues including fracking, renewables and more recently, a universal basic income.

Green MSP for Glasgow, Patrick Harvie said:

“It's now unthinkable that Scotland wouldn't have its own parliament and it’s clear that in the last 20 years Scotland is continuing to make positive advances in self-government. However, the campaign for more powers must come with a renewed determination from any governing party to use them.

“The anniversary coincides with a critical moment as the UK prepares to fundamentally undermine the devolution settlement via a power grab Repeal Bill and it remains unclear what the consequences will be if Westminster kills off the principle of legislative consent and unilaterally introduces huge new constraints on the Scottish Parliament.

“Five Holyrood elections have produced distinct outcomes, but one constant throughout our parliament’s history has been the presence of Greens. And it’s Greens who have been at the forefront in leading the change in Scotland. It was our MSPs who were the lone voices in opposing fracking from the beginning and it’s always been Greens who have pushed for net-zero emissions and ending coal power at the closest possible date.

“It would have been inconceivable in 1997 that our parliament would have signalled the end of petrol and diesel cars in just two decades. It’s also unthinkable that these milestones, including the exploration of a universal basic income, would have happened so soon without electing a strong Green contingent.”

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You might recognise these welcome and salient words from the brilliant news yesterday that the former Daily Record editor, Murray Foote will back independence the next time we are asked the question.