Sun 1 Dec, 2019

Responding to reports in the Scotsman that one million extra journeys have been made over the Queensferry Crossing in the past year, Scottish Greens Fife MSP Mark Ruskell said: 

“These figures are hugely dispiriting, but in all honesty not a surprise. There needs to be a transformation in public transport to encourage people out their cars. That means investing bus services, and bus priority lanes, to ensure people can count on a quick and reliable service. 

“Public transport needs to be a convenient alternative for people, but all too often at the moment that simply isn’t the case. It needs to be affordable, that’s why the Scottish Greens propose moving toward a fare-free system, to make sure buses and trains are always a realistic option for folk. 

“The Scottish Government also needs to rapidly improve rail services in Fife and across the Forth which at the moment are far from good enough. Investment in decent rolling stock is long overdue, while electrification of the Fife circle is essential and must be urgently prioritised.”

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