Costly and immoral nuclear weapons must be scrapped

Nuclear weapons have no place in a peaceful or progressive Scotland.

The UK’s nuclear weapons programme is costly, immoral and needs to be scrapped, say the Scottish Greens.

The call comes as the test firing of a Trident missile from a Navy submarine has failed for the second time in a row.

Scottish Green MSP Mark Ruskell said: “Nuclear weapons are a grotesque and destructive moral abomination that have no place in any kind of vision for a peaceful future.

“Trident is a vast money pit that swallows up resources that could be far better used for people and planet, rather than these obscene cold war relics.

“Especially when so many people are suffering in the worst cost of living crisis for decades, it is utterly immoral to be pouring tens of billions of pounds into these deadly weapons of mass killing.

“The staggering sums involved would be infinitely better used on lifting people out of poverty and tackling the greatest security threat we face, the climate emergency.

“I hope we don’t have long to wait until the day when an independent Scotland can take its place on the world stage and join the many other nations who have already signed the nuclear weapon ban."