COP28: Fossil fuels failure will inflict climate chaos

Young people and future generations will never forget if world leaders refuse to phase out oil and gas says MSP Mark Ruskell
Green Members hold placards outside UK Government building demanding climate action.

Young people and future generations will not forget if our leaders back down and refuse to phase out fossil fuels, says the Scottish Greens climate spokesperson, Mark Ruskell MSP.

It comes as the COP28 climate summit is reportedly considering an agreement that would state countries “could” “reduce” the production and use of fossil fuels rather than phasing them out.

Mr Ruskell said: “The eyes of the world are on COP and these final moments will be crucial. We can’t afford another failed summit and another year of inaction. The best time to phase out fossil fuels was decades ago, the next best time is right now.

“Vague and optional aims to perhaps reduce fossil fuels are simply not enough. If we are to have any kind of sustainable future then it will take a big and irreversible shift and a major global investment in clean renewable energy.

“Anything less than that will be a sticking plaster on a huge climate wound. It would be a historic failure and would mean kicking the can even further down the road.

“We have more information and more technology at our fingertips than anyone has ever had before. We can all see the deadly and destructive consequences of climate breakdown. With wildfires and flooding becoming the new normal, it is happening all around us.

“Young people and future generations will not forget if the politicians of today back down and consign them to even more climate chaos.”

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